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Sound Reducing Curtains

Sound Reducing Curtains

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Our range of sound reducing curtains will help to lower the transmission of sound from one side to the other.

Curtains up to 6.0m x 3.5m
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Curtains larger than 6.0m x 3.5m
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Made to Measure Sound Reducing Curtains

Our sound reducing curtains utilise an acoustically treated facing fabric, combined with a blackout acoustic lining, giving a total curtain weight of 1.36kg/m² that provides unrivalled reductions in both commercial and domestic applications.

  • 17 Colour Options
  • Sound Reductions up to 15dB
  • Commercial and Domestic Use
  • Inherently Flame Retardant
  • Variety of Heading Styles Available
  • Suitable for Windows, Walls and Doors

Ideal for use across windows and doors, they can be used for any application where sound reduction and blackout is a requirement.

Fabric Style

Coloured Wool Serge

A superb quality and heavy duty fabric consisting of woven acoustically treated wool fibres, available in 17 colours.
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Curtain Lining

Acoustic Blackout Lining

A superb quality heavy blackout fabric consisting of woven acoustically treated wool fibres, available in black only.

Curtain Heading

Rufflette Tape and Hooks

75mm wide Rufflette tape sewn in position and pre-fitted with wire hooks at nominally 110mm centres along the centre of the tape. Suitable for use with our range of Silent Gliss curtain tracks.

Large Eyelets

Pressed-in 28mm metal eyelets on nominally 300mm centres with the curtains sewn flat. Suitable for use with <28mm curtain poles or fixed hooks for hanging.

Golf Bag Hooks

Metal golf bag hooks sewn onto a cotton or polypropylene tape at nominally 300mm centres. Ideal for use with large & heavy curtains. Suitable for use with our range of Triple E curtain tracks.

Small Tab Hooks

Metal tab hooks sewn onto cotton or polypropylene tape. Best suited to medium and heavy curtains with hooks at nominally 300mm centres. Suitable for use with our range of Doughty curtain tracks.

Tape Ties

Cotton tape ties 25mm wide sewn onto a cotton or polypropylene tape. This is a convenient method for readily attaching static curtains to a fixed rail, curtain rod or our pipe and base system.

Webbing and Eyelets

Cotton or polypropylene tape fitted with 20mm nickel eyelets on nominally 300mm centres. These can be supplied with tape ties and used to fix as static curtains to a fixed rail or curtain rod.

Curtain Fullness

Sewn-In Fullness

We manufacture curtains with sewn in fullness of either 50% or 100%, this is achieved by utilising knife pleats sewn into the curtain heading. Fullness also helps to increase the overall performance of the curtain.

Sewn Flat

For curtains that are required to hang flat or are for use with a curtain pole, we can manufacture the curtains flat. Where large eyelets are being used, we suggest manufacturing the curtains flat.

Curtain Finish

Sides & Base

All our curtains are manufactured with hemmed sides & base. We can also manufacture curtains with a chain-weighted base or, for flat curtains that require a flat straight edge, a pocket to take a pipe.

With the help of our measuring guidelines, you can be confident you provide the correct curtain & track dimensions before placing an order, ensuring the best possible performance is achieved from the curtains.

Please Note: All our sound reducing curtains are made to order. Approximate lead time: 2-3 weeks.

Technical Information

View our technical datasheet below for more in-depth information.

  • Datasheet Temporarily Unavailable

How To Purchase

Available for purchase on our online store, in made to measure sizes up to 6.0m x 3.5m.
For larger sizes, please use the request a quote form.

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Coloured Wool Serge

A superb quality and heavy duty fabric consisting of woven acoustically treated wool fibres, available in 17 colours.

Sound Reducing Curtains
Total Curtain Weight 1365g/m²
Colour Range 17 Colours
Fullness Flat / 50% / 100%
Flame Retardancy (IFR) Inherently Flame Retardant

All of our Sound Reducing Curtains meet the requirements of BS5867: Part 2: B which is the British Standard for flame retardant fabrics used for the manufacture of curtains or drapes. All are woven from fibres with a high flame retardancy to create an IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) Fabric.