Acoustic Curtains

  • Domestic Acoustic Curtains

Domestic Acoustic Curtains


To meet the demand for curtains that will provide a reduction in external noise, such as traffic, we have developed a heavy curtain which provides unrivalled reductions.

Specifically for use on domestic glazing and doors.

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The heavy double layer construction will provide sound reductions at mid to high frequency, although the benefit at low frequency will be small. Manufactured from Coloured Wool Serge with a heavy acoustic lining they have an overall fabric weight of 1365g/m2.

  • 16 Colours
  • Up to 15dB Sound Reduction
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes
  • Optional Curtain Track Available

The curtains come in a range of sizes, similar to proprietary ready-made curtains, with prices as follows:

Width x Drop (cm) Price (£)
117 x 137 £373.00
117 x 183 £422.00
117 x 229 £472.00
168 x 137 £373.00
168 x 183 £422.00
168 x 229 £472.00
229 x 137 £472.00
229 x 183 £522.00
229 x 229 £593.00

Please note that the above are all single curtains (not pairs) with 50% fullness sewn into the non-adjustable heading with hand folded knife pleats at regular intervals.

The above prices are inclusive of vat at the standard rate but exclude carriage, which would be £35.00 extra for up to four curtains. Delivery is normally 3 weeks and our terms are prepayment by cheque or bank transfer only.

The curtains would have hemmed sides and base with Rufflette tape and hooks to the top. The curtain widths shown are finished dimensions at the head. When the curtains are fitted over the outside of a window recess please ensure that you have allowed sufficient overlap on all four sides, when selecting the appropriate size (view our measurement guide here). Curtains can also be made to custom dimensions to specifically suit your requirements. For approximate pricing please assume this would be as per the next size up ie. a 145cm wide x 210cm drop would be the same as a 168cm wide x 229cm drop.

The same construction curtain can be used over the inside of a door, to help mitigate sound transmission around the periphery. Please contact us if you require a quotation.

Curtain Track

Recognised as a leading worldwide supplier of commercial or contact duty curtain tracks, Silent Gliss are known and respected for their high quality products. We generally offer tracking solutions using their systems on smaller curtain arrangements, where a domestic style of track is coupled with curtains headed with conventional Rufflette tape and hooks.

Prices for SG1280 Hand Operated Curtains Tracks, suitable for use with our Domestic Sound Reducing Curtains, finished in white and complete with fixing brackets, end stops and gliders would be as follows:

Track Length (m) Price (£)
1.25m £60.00
2.0m £81.60
3.0m £108.00
4.0m £136.80
5.0m £165.60
6.0m £192.00

The above prices include carriage and vat. We can also supply corded or motorised track systems if required, as well as heavy duty systems for larger curtains.

Technical Details

View our technical datasheet below for more in-depth information.

Domestic Acoustic Curtains
Weight 1365g/m²
Fullness 50%
Colour Range 16 Colours
Curtain Heading Knife Pleat
Sound Reduction Up to 15dB
IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) Woven from fibres with a high flame retardancy
Colour Range
Domestic Acoustic Curtain
Oxford Blue
Midnight Blue
TV Blue
Ultra Blue
Chromakey Blue
Chromakey Green
Headings and Sewings
Curtain Rufflette Tape and Hooks

Rufflette Tape and Hooks Generally used with most small to medium sized curtains, particularly in domestic or commercial situations, but also with shorter drops where the curtain heading is clearly visible. Curtains are provided with 75mm wide Rufflette tape sewn in position and pre-fitted with wire hooks at nominally 100mm centres along the centre of the tape.

Curtain Bottoms

Bottoms The vast majority of our curtains feature a chain weighted base. This allows the curtain to hang correctly and to move smoothly during opening and closing. On flat drapes or banners a pocket would be sewn into the base, to accept a pipe or batten, in order to create a flat straight edge.

Curtain Sides

Sides These are continuously hemmed and with larger curtain systems can be fitted with Velcro tape, to ease management during both hanging and use, by providing a ready method of joining or separating adjacent curtain drops.

Curtain Fullness

Fullness We can manufacture curtains to varying degrees of fullness but tend to favour 50% as standard with the curtain measuring one and a half times the width of the track. Curtains can be sewn flat for use as banners or produced with the fullness sewn into the heading.