New Website Launched for 2016!

By Acoustic Curtains Ltd

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to improve our website and ensure the user experience is friendly on a large variety of devices, from laptops to smart phones.

With the new look comes new content, of which we hope one page in particular will be a huge help - FAQs. Here we have added the most common questions we receive and have attempted to be as informative as possible.

Product pages have received a huge update, now containing information specific to each type of product such as a photo, description, specification, colour range & heading/sewing options. We’ve also added a page especially for Domestic Curtains to help customers who require acoustic curtains for the home.

On all of our product pages you will now find a Get Quote button. Simply click this button to fill out a form which will allow us to provide you a quotation within 24hrs or less.

Unfortunately, there are simply too many new features & additions to some up in one blog post without it becoming too long to read, so as we have covered the ‘big’ ones already we’ll just leave you have a browse for yourself.

We hope you like the new website as much as we do!