Acoustic Curtains

The principal purpose of an acoustic curtain is to provide sound absorption within the space where it is deployed. This makes them an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications within the performing arts. Unlike fixed sound absorbers, curtains can provide variable acoustics that will satisfy the requirements of differing music or performance genres sharing a common multi-purpose venue.

The vast majority of suitable applications will be those where the curtains are hung across the face of a reflective surface, such as a hard painted plaster wall, mirrors – such as would be found in a dance studio, or a large glazed area. Some applications may require curtains to be used as space dividers, although care needs to be taken with such arrangements, due to the limitations of the fabrics with regard to sound transmission loss.

The amount of sound that a curtain will absorb will not only depend on it’s area, compared to the space within which it is deployed, but also the weight and type of fabric.

Black Wool Serge Acoustic Curtains

Black Wool Serge

Weight 470 - 800g/m² Black Only

The industry standard for perimeter treatment, known for providing excellent sound absorption.

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Coloured Wool Serge Acoustic Curtains

Coloured Wool Serge

Weight 565g/m² 16 Colours

A durable and strong fabric with good acoustic properties in a range of colours suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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Velvet Velour Acoustic Curtains

Velvet Velour

Weight 395 - 520g/m² 10-33 Colours

Available as standard or Heavy Velvet Velour with a wide variety of colours and high quality appearance, Velvet Velour provides a great alternative to our Wool Serge range.

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Domestic Acoustic Curtains

Domestic Acoustic Curtains

Weight 1365g/m² 16 Colours

To meet the demand for curtains that will provide a reduction in external noise, such as traffic, we have developed a heavy curtain which provides unrivalled reductions.

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Composite Barrier Acoustic Curtains

Composite Barrier Curtains

Weight 5.65kg/m² 2 Colours

An industrial grade curtain that can be used as a barrier or sound absorber to isolate various noise sources, such as plant and machinery and to divide spaces or installed as a perimeter treatment within buildings.

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