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About Us

Acoustic Curtains Ltd

We are a specialist company offering sound absorbing curtains and associated products to meet the needs of various applications, such as music practice and recital rooms, dance studios, theatres and cinemas, drama rehearsal rooms, home cinemas and studios; in fact anywhere that there is the requirement to reduce unwanted reverberant sound.

We can also supply curtains that will provide some reduction in the level of transmitted sound, these being useful for dividing spaces or, more usually, to help reduce some of the effects of street noise through windows.

Our customers extend from schools, colleges and universities to broadcast and recording studios; from sports and leisure centres to community or village halls and from commercial offices to medical centres and domestic dwellings.

Formed in 2009 and with a background of extensive experience in the acoustics industry, our staff can offer an unrivalled service designing, supplying and installing specialist sound absorbing curtain and curtain track systems.

Within this website you will find details of high performance acoustic curtain fabrics and various curtain track systems, from lightweight domestic type tracks to industry standard theatrical tracks.

In order to offer clients a more complete service with regard to the reduction of reverberant sound, we can also offer a complete range of sound absorptive ceiling and wall panels, together with full wall lining systems, suing either a panel based arrangement or stretched fabric treatment.